More Information

Please note our long-term plan is to translate the courses from English into more languages or provide translated transcripts. 

Below you find a list of tips and recommendations on language and translations:

  • Change Site Language: You can change your language settings in the LMS, but this will only change the site language to operate the platform, the lessons will remain the same. If you want the lesson in another language you can select the language translation in your browser.

  • Web Browser Translation: 
    • Google Chrome: Go to the url window and select the symbol on your right to change the language or select a word in the text. Right click and select the option "translate to xxx" and the page will be completely translated. Keep in mind this will translate to the language on your browser setting options.
    • By default, Firefox has no function for translation. If you often have to translate content, you can install an add-on like Google Translator for Firefox or other addons.
    • Please note there are some errors and not all words or specific roller derby terms are getting translated correctly. Please also note that the browser's translations are in masculine by default. Even though we do not agree with this, we know language is a huge barrier, so the web browser is an easy feature for now, as we are working on a long-term solution.

  • Microsoft Translator App Features: Please note it requires you to copy and paste the text into the app, which is more work. However, if there are videos, you can use the microphone. 

  • Images and photos: We know the web browser translator does not work on photos or other materials. This is why we limited text on graphics and made sure we repeated most of the content in the text lessons.

  • Videos: If video links are from YouTube, you can use closed captions for subtitles in different languages

  • The lessons can also be read with screen-reader software, like NVDA and others. Please note some browsers seem to work better with certain screen readers.  

Please note: The course player is keyboard-only navigation for now, which means the "page down" button on the keyboard doesn't work during the courses. Thinkific is working on this and we hope to have this changed soon.

If you have feedback or recommendations, please let us know under